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Dr Kenda Creasy Dean – Princeton Theological Seminary

hendrik kenda nkosis haven

Recommendation Prof Kenda Creasy Dean:

We came to Mission Vision Tours as a group of seminarians and youth pastors studying reconciliation and young people.  Without question, Mission Vision Tours offered a glimpse of South Africa that would not have been possible with a regular travel agency.  

Key to this was Rev. Kitching’s personal credibility with South African leaders themselves, and his deep familiarity with–and affection for–people from many cultural contexts in South Africa.  Yes, we got to see lions and elephants  and museums too.  But in addition to extraordinary sites known around the world, our group met with courageous South Africans whose witness during the apartheid years is now chronicled in museums and history books–and we met with them “on location.”  

We met with leaders in the HIV crisis, who have given their lives to the health and well-being of children. We got to see South Africa behind-the-scenes, visit places most tours don’t touch, participate in local ministries and meet with nationally known figures and local community leaders.  We got to “shadow” local pastors for a few days, and learn from South African young people themselves.  

Rev. Kitching made sure our students were both safe and challenged, customizing the trip for our budget and our particular educational goals. I am confident that our students received a quality of experience that they could not have received anywhere else.  It was a life-changing two weeks.  Kenda Creasy Dean,  Professor of Youth, Church and Culture, Princeton Theological Seminary, January 2011.

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